Looking in the mirror to find a thinner head of hair is a nightmare for most women. Identifying why it's happening is just as frustrating because there are a variety of factors that can contribute to hair loss, among them are aging, genetics, autoimmune diseases, and physical or emotional stress. Most of these causes are linked to hormonal imbalances or a change that correlates with hair loss. Identifying, treating, and preventing hormonal hair loss is a daunting task, but Freewell has provided women with a self-caring, nurturing, and sustainable hair product called Power Gloss; a hair and scalp treatment that can help women combat their hair loss.


Physical and emotional stress can be a key contributing factor to hormonal hair loss. In fact, The National Institute on Aging studied and measured the hormonal levels of rodents to determine hair growth before and after extreme stress. Their tests concluded that as corticosterone levels increased, there was reduced hair growth, which means too much cortisol in humans is a contributing factor to hair loss or lack of growth. Further research proved that this hormone is linked to earlier graying of hair.

Sex hormones also play a role in hair growth, protection, and loss. Low Testosterone levels can cause hair loss in men and women alike, although it disproportionately impacts men. This balding often takes place due to aging and can be hereditary for both men and women.

Estrogen levels promote hair growth, but when the levels are too high, hair spends too much time in the growth phase and not enough time in the protection phase, which leads to the hair being weak and more likely to fall out. On the other hand, if estrogen levels  are out of range on the low end, then hair loss can also take place at a higher rate.

Since estrogen expedites the hair growth process, lower levels of this hormone slow hair growth and also contributes to a thinner head of hair. For many women, menopause is the root cause for this fall in estrogen levels and consequently, increased hair loss. While estrogen and progesterone hormone levels fall during menopause, androgens – a male hormone – are produced and can shrink existing hair follicles, further reducing hair growth and maintenance among menopausal women.


Beyond implementing a hormone replacement treatment into your life, there are plenty of other ways to address this type of hair loss. Reducing stress is an emphasized measure to reduce hormonal hair loss. Managing and preventing stressful spells will limit the amount of cortisol released, which we know promotes thinning and weakened hair.

Freewell’s Power Gloss is not only a reliable and sustainable product, but its application process can also be seen as an act of self-care. The National Institute for Mental Health points to self-care as a form of decreasing stress levels. Whether you are coming off of a busy week, approaching an important sports competition, or just need to decompress after a long day, Freewell’s Power Gloss will help ease your anxiety and stress by providing you with a relaxing and nurturing experience.


Another avenue that hormonal hair loss victims, or those looking to avoid it, can take is to be active. Having a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well and regular exercise, will regulate hormone levels across the board. Additionally, the American Psychological Association cites that working out can reduce stress levels – which we know that spikes in stress can cause an excess release of cortisol, which promotes hormonal hair loss.

Power Gloss is made with athletes in mind, but works for those at any level so, anyone who sweats, showers, and strips their hair often should be using Power Gloss. Freewell's deep conditioning treatment has been specially made to fit the lifestyle of those who are regularly active by embracing the preventative aspects of exercise as it pertains to stress, Power Gloss users will also have access to a hair treatment that protects their hair from further damage.


This leads us into the final and perhaps most distinctive trait of Freewell: it’s all natural. To prevent hormonal hair loss, and treat it if you’ve noticed it’s already started, it’s recommended that you stick to natural products. Thankfully, Freewell’s Power Gloss is only made with the best, natural, and sustainable ingredients that will keep your scalp and hair nurtured so that it can grow and maintain your silky, smooth, and thick head of hair.


WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth Bulat, Collegiate Athlete & Student at Northwestern University

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