Having to sacrifice the health of my hair for its cleanliness after each workout was frustrating. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete, then becoming a collegiate cross country runner, washing my hair daily is an essential part of my routine. With this habit of cleaning my hair, there was no way around the fact that I was also actively damaging it–or so I thought. 

This summer I was introduced to Freewell’s Power Gloss at #SweatWorkingWeek and it has completely changed the way I care for my hair. The treatment not only fits into my busy schedule, but it also keeps my hair the healthiest it's ever looked or felt, despite my inevitable frequent washes. 


Calculating which days I absolutely needed to wash my hair post-workout (tempo Tuesdays, race days, long runs) and which days I could get by without a wash was unproductive. Even though throwing together a greasy ponytail a few times a week helped limit my washes, my hair became dry and thin.

In addition to the shampoo and conditioner stripping my hair of its natural oils, my hair and scalp were weakened by prolonged sun exposure on runs, dried by chlorine from cross-training in the pool, and irritated by my sweat. 

It was a hot mess.

Since using Power Gloss on my hair, I have noticed a dramatic change in how my hair looks and feels. The quality ingredients thicken, balance, repair, shine, and protect my hair all while I work out at a high level–it's been a dream come true. My teammates have also noticed the enhanced health and shine of my hair since a thick and healthy head of hair is a rare find in a D1 athletic facility considering all the sun, sweat, swims, and shampoo exposure.


Being a student-athlete, my schedule is booked to the hour. I am constantly zipping from class to practice to tutoring to hanging out with friends. Frankly, I don’t have time to dedicate to a typical hair treatment routine. Thankfully, the Power Gloss treatment is designed to use “while you do.” 

I can quickly apply the treatment to my hair and scalp then don’t have to worry about washing it out for up to 24 hours. I can even comfortably workout with the treatment in my hair so if all the time I have is 5 minutes before practice, I can pull it off! I love how the Power Gloss treatment fits so seamlessly into my active and busy lifestyle. 

It leaves me with absolutely no excuses to take care of my hair. 

Sometimes the go-go-go-athlete mentality leaves me with little time or energy to invest in self-care habits beyond basic hygiene. There is also more of an emphasis on what my body can do instead of what it looks like. These two factors have persuaded me to dismiss other hair treatments—considering the demands they have on my schedule and wallet. Again, Freewell’s Power Gloss has come to my rescue and taught me that self-care is so worth it. It doesn’t have to be some overwhelming and exhaustive routine that I think athletes make it up to be. It can be as simple as a weekly hair treatment that both promotes your health and confidence.

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth Bulat, Collegiate Athlete & Student at Northwestern University

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